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This meal kit includes a few of our best loved recipes which are all easy to make and low-cost. Many who have tried bean burgers before can't say enough about this SNAP Black Bean Burger recipe. In addition, if you have not tried the Cowboy Caviar then you're missing a real winner. Give them a try today and you too will add them to your favorites list!

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Cost Per Serving

Start Simple Sampler Kit Shopping List:

total items

Kidney Beans, Dark Red, 15 Ounce (oz)
Canned Black Beans, Reduced Sodium, 15 Ounce (oz)
Store Brand Canned Corn, Low Sodium, 15 Ounce (oz)
Tomatoes, Crushed, 28 Ounce (oz)
Diced Green Chilies
Sweet Onion, 1 Count
Lime, Fresh, 1 Count
Canned Black Beans, Reduced Sodium, 15 Ounce (oz)
Eggs, 1 Dozen
Brown Rice, 16 Ounce (oz)
Scallions, 1 Bunch
Cilantro, 1 Bunch
Fresh Garlic (1 Bulb)
Hamburger Buns, Whole Wheat, 8 Count
Whole Wheat Tortillas, 10 Count
Red Pepper, 1 Count
Cilantro, 1 Bunch
Spinach, Whole, 16 Ounce (oz)
Red Onion, 1 Count
Cheddar Cheese, Reduced Fat, 8 Ounce (oz)
Eggs, 1 Dozen
Gala Apple Bag
Peanut Butter, Creamy, 16 Ounce (oz)
Raisins, 16 Ounce (oz)

You will also need...

Utensils & Equipment

Large Bowl
Mixing Spoon
Serving Plate
Serving Fork
Cutting Knife
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowl
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons

Oils, Spices & Extras

Dried Parsley
Dried Basil
Dried Oregano
Canola Oil

SNAP Express Quick Tips!

* You always have the ability to add or remove items from your cart based on diet, taste preference, allergies or budget.
* Remember to check your pantry for items you may already have or are missing.
* Commonly used items like oils, spices and extras are not included in your meal kit shopping list!

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